Hack The Gibson: Highlights from My Chat with Hunter Walk & Justin Kan

A little while ago I started a video interview series called Hack The Gibson, and today I released episode two Attack of the Clones with Homebrew partner Hunter Walk and Atrium CEO Justin Kan, who was also the co-founder of Twitch and a Y Combinator partner.

It’s 30 minutes that’s well worth your time. Give it a watch below to hear us chat startups, tech, investing and more. Please like, comment and subscribe!


If you’re looking for the tl;dr version, here are some highlights:

Our common thread - We were all co-investors in Cruise Automation, which was acquired by GM for $1+ billion (and co-founded by Justin’s brother).

AV predictions - Speaking of autonomous vehicles, we touched on the implications of our driverless future and whether regulators and the public will accept this technology’s benefits to society before it has a perfect safety record.

What’s keeping them busy - Justin is scratching his entrepreneurial itch again with Atrium, his new company looking to shake things up in the legal space. Hunter is stoked about his investments that are bringing tech to everyday people, like indoor farming innovator Bowery and autonomous robotics startup Shield AI.

What matters most to them as investors - It’s not about having a logo in their portfolio – it’s about what founders that they have backed tell other founders about their experience working with them.

The value of a megaphone - As people who are very active online, I wanted to understand whether they think others should do the same. Hunter mentioned that any executive at a large company needs a public-facing persona if they want to have any chance of hiring top talent. People want to see you on social media or via blogs as someone they can learn from.

Best rapper ever - Someone said Eminem. I laughed.

In case you missed the first episode, I chatted with tech author Robert Scoble and VR investor Tipatat Chennavasin. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for the next episode!

Sandeep Dhillon