Signia invested in Super Evil Mega Corp. Coinvestors include Index Ventures, General Catalyst, Breyer Capital, and Crosscut Ventures.


Los Angeles TIMES -- July 2016

The LA times asks Sunny, "Should augmented-reality games like 'Pokémon Go' place limits on the real-world locations they include?"


Venture Beat -- August 2016

Sunny hosts a panel discussing VR within games and content creation at Venture Beat's GamesBeat 2016 event in Los Angeles.


Variety -- December 2016

Sunny spoke to Variety Magazine on the current state of the Virtual Reality market. In his opinion, "VR is not in full force... I do not really use my playstation VR headset... There can be improvement."


Sunny says PokemonGo isn’t actually VR due to a lack of depth perception.


Sunny hosted a panel discussing VR within games and content creation.


Sunny says that Nintendo had a good day due to its announcement of Mario iOS and PokemonGo.


Sunny says PokemonGo is not AR.


Sunny attended a video game conference involving discussion of various aspects of VR in gaming.


At the Gamesbeat 2015 conference, Sunny said that gambling and e-sports are the biggest investment opportunities.

Sunny attended a video game conference involving discussion of various aspects of VR in gaming.


Sunny states that VRcades have the chance to bring back entertainment to malls and theatres.


Sunny is a hardcore gamer and has invested in a company called 8i.


Sunny says that PC is a staple of gaming and should continue to be so.


Sunny says that he is unsure about investing in the Neuro Games business.


Sunny says that Niantic took a big hit with PokemonGo


Sunny says that VR hasn’t reached potential in full-use VR, and that his playstation VR headset still collects dust.


Sunny says PC remains a bastion for hardcore gamers.


Sunny says venture capital is hard to enter with mobile gaming because mobile user acquisition costs are extremely high.


Sunny says Pokemon Go is not AR, as it does not have computer vision and dynamic mapping of the real environment


Sunny says that more companies are focusing on mobile gaming development, spearheaded by Activision Blizzard’s acquisition of King Digital Entertainment.


Sunny discusses the Gear VR headset and how this is being used more in gaming and can be used to see the backstage events at a Nicki Minaj concert or to high-five Stephen Curry


Sunny says that VR will be introduced to the masses via arcade experiences and then through VR headsets; China has a burgeoning VR market ripe for picking.


Sunny and Signia invested 13.5M into a company called 8i, and continue to invest into mobile gaming companies such as Artillery Games and Super Evil Megacorp.


Sunny spoke at the Biz Sports E-summit, where he discussed how E-sports can be a multi-billion industry in the future as it becomes more popular among the masses.


Sunny speaks at the GamesBeat 2015 Conference  and speaks about E-sports, VR, a game called Rocket League, as well as companies to engage the community.


Sunny spoke at the European Games Booster Panel as a member of the group Financing/Venture Capital for Indie Publishers.


Sunny spoke on Bloomberg Television about Super Mario Run, a mobile game.


Sunny spoke at the VRX, Virtual Reality Conference on gaming.