Signia invested in Alibaba (NYSE: BABA), Boxed (with Founders Fund, First Round Capital, Greycroft, and GGV Capital), Peixe Urbano (acquired by Baidu in 2014), Anomalie (with Lerer Ventures, Maveron, and Liquid2 Ventures), Hydrant, Manscaped, Neurogum, and Paradox Beauty.


Forbes — January 2019

Sunny investigates the relationship between social media and acquiring older customers for brands.


linkedin -- june 2018

The direct-to-consumer revolution has taken two forms so far: supply chain or business model disruption, which uses the distribution advantages of the Internet to deliver a cheaper and more convenient consumer experience; and brand disruption, which creates multidimensional brands that resonate deeply with consumers through content channels like social media and blogging. 


techcrunch -- april 2018

Amazon is using the enormous data moat gathered from its online everything store and platform dominance through Alexa and Prime membership to take over apparel.


techcrunch -- march 2018

Tech advances and changing consumer preferences have upended the traditional retail model. Experiential commerce is filling the breach, with seismic implications for brick and mortar, marketing, and even regional inequality.


techcrunch -- november 2017

Sunny discusses his lenses for judging e-commerce investments in the age of Amazon: incumbents, supply chain factors, and brand. 


Linkedin -- November 2017

In the wake of Amazon's $500 million investment in a Lord of the Rings series, Sunny explores the move's underlying logic.


linkedin -- May 2017

Sunny unpacks the evolving role of influencers in commerce and marketing.