Sunny has invested in the following cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects, among others: DfinityBasis, HarborTzero, Polkadot, Polychain Capital, 0x, Skale Labs, Trust Token, Multicoin Capital, Polymath, and Orchid Protocol


techcrunch -- september 2018

Security tokens might be the first killer use case of distributed ledger tech. Upstarts like Coinbase will face off against old-world financial institutions for supremacy in that arena.


hacker noon — August 2018

Sunny goes back to crypto basics to learn about Bitcoin’s weaknesses and the Lightning Network’s shortcomings.

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linkedin -- may 2018

Many governments have recently looked into creating their own cryptocurrencies. Their motivations span the spectrum, from solving short-term foreign-exchange crises to a simple desire for better real-time insight into their economies.

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Linkedin -- april 2018

Cryptocurrencies that incorporate protocol mechanisms for stabilizing their prices -- "stablecoins" -- are the best chance these assets have at avoiding the volatility historically associated with the space. In the future, however, government-backed cryptocurrencies -- "govtcoins" -- are likely to pose a stern test to them.  


linkedin -- march 2018

Sunny writes about the obstacles facing attempts to use blockchain technology to transform peer-to-peer commerce.


FORBES -- February 2018

Sunny writes about blockchain's potential applications and implications for the future of entertainment and media. 


Forbes -- February 2018

Blockchain will shape the future of social media through identifying and rewarding value in networks, introducing new incentives to content consumption, and bolstering content authenticity.