Sunny Dhillon

Co-Founder of Signia Ventures

I'm an early stage investor at Signia Ventures, a venture fund I co-founded in San Francisco in 2012 with $160m+ under management. We are backed by two movie studios, a Chinese internet firm, institutional endowments, and Silicon Valley technologists.

I like all things media/entertainment, consumer mobile, and frontier tech. I'm originally from London, England, and cofounded one of the first location-based dating apps in the Apple App Store in 2011.

I also worked in corporate strategy for Warner Bros and was the first business development hire at a venture backed media spin-off of New Line Cinema, founded by the Lord of the Rings film producers. I was a tech banker in a former life and attended Oxford, the London School of Economics, and Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management for college / grad school.