Augmented Reality

Signia invested in StriVR, Drifter Entertainment, 8i (RRE Ventures, Boost VC, and Founders Fund were coinvestors), and Eonite (Lightspeed Venture Partners coinvested). Sunny sits on the board of directors at Drifter and is a board observer with 8i. He also advised AIMatter, creators of hit AR app Fabby, on their 2017 sale to Google.


New York Times -- January 2017

VR now appears to be headed for a phase in the evolution of new technologies known as the “trough of disillusionment"


Bloomberg -- July 2016

True augmented reality requires real time mapping of the physical world before placing digital overlays on it. Pokemon Go was not an AR game.


Variety -- December 2016

Current state of VR leaves much to be desired. The market isn't there yet.


Upload VR -- December 2016

"Drifter announced that it has raised a $2.25 million round of initial funding.. led by Signia Venture Partners. Signia has previously backed such big names as Alibaba, Boxed, Playdom, Adify, and Flycast Communications. Signia partner Sunny Dhillon will be installed on the Drifter board of directors as part of the investment." 


ZD Net -- February 2016

Sunny was quoted as saying, "Feeling like I can share the virtual world with my friends and communicate effectively within it is key for helping VR scale," in ZDNET's "5 Ways Your Company Can Get Business Value Out of Virtual Reality"


Sunny says Pokemon Go is not AR, as it does not have computer vision and dynamic mapping of the real environment


Sunny says that Apple IMessage is going to improve significantly by adding features with enhanced message and emoji capabilities.


Sunny spoke at the CEDEC tech conference about VR/AR and it’s future, as well as its potential in gaming.


Sunny says that AR is popular in Japanese photo booths, for increased beautification.


Sunny spoke at the GamesBeat 2016 Conference in SF on AR/VR, e-sports, and how this is contributing to the next gaming revolution.


Sunny speaks at the SVVR VR Conference in Silicon Valley in 2016.

Sunny spoke at the M1 Summit SF 2016 about VR and AR; talks about how VR is helping fields interact more with their environment.


Sunny says Pokemon Go is not AR because there is no dynamic real-time mapping of the environment around you.


Sunny spoke at Bloomberg Television on August 2016 and talked about the future of gaming with Pokemon Go, as well as investing in VR.


Sunny spoke at the Zurich Summit in 2016, a conference focused on how the rise of VR/AR will impact business models and the relationship between financers and buyers.


Sunny spoke at the GamesBeat 2016 conference on the potential future deals of AR/VR


       Investing in 8i, a VR hologram company


Sunny spoke at VR/AR world in London 2016